Contacting Technical Support

E-Mail Support

E-Mail support for inland Products is available:
24 / 7 
When contacting tech support, please provide as much information about your computer system and the inland Products part/stock number.

Request Tech Support

Please allow 12-24 hours for a reply to your email.

Please NOTE: If your ISP and/or email requires approval to prevent spam, then it is your responsibility to add my email address to your approved email addresses before we can reply.  

Telephone Support

Telephone support for inland Products is available:
Monday - Friday
Hours Vary

When you call technical support you must be able to provide the Inland Products part/stock number, the operating system your are running on your computer and any other information you know about your computer system.

If you leave a message we suggest you also open a support ticket:

Request Tech Support

Telephone Contact Information:

Toll Free:  800.378.1951 x101

Direct Line:  (714) 525-9800 x101

You can download drivers here Or Register Your Product:

Driver And Hi Res Image Download Page

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