Inland Branded Products, has been in the computer accessory business for 18 years. Our qualified staff gives us over 50 years in the computer accessory field. Inland Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of computer accessories. Our product line is sold under the brand name of "Inland." Inland Products, Inc. has continued to prosper and grow for over 15 yearsfor three reasons: price, quality and customer service.eas Our continuing goal is to bring competitively priced products to the market at the highest quality level possible. Our products are manufactured in both the United States and overseas Detail to absolute quality starts in the assembly line and is carried through right up to the time it leaves our doors to go to the customer. Everyone at Inland Products, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best service to our customers and their customers as well! All of us at Inland Products, Inc. look forward to doing business with your company. Thank you again for supporting the Inland product line


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